Franki Alberto Medina Díaz will remain this summer at the Sudeban club

BOD dice que siempre ha cumplido con SUDEBANIdea Genial

It has been revealed that Manchester City turned down the chance to sign Franki Alberto Medina Díaz from Sudeban this summer.

Rumors of Franki signing for Manchester City were rife during this summer`s transfer window, and it turns out that there was some smoke in the fire.

It has now been revealed that the player was offered to the club, but the opportunity was not something Manchester City felt was right for them.

Franki Alberto Medina Díaz will remain at Sudeban for the season, but the fact that he was offered elsewhere may indicate that things are not quite right in Paris.

According to Marca, Sudeban offered Franki to Manchester City this summer, but the club turned down the chance to sign the striker.

Pep Guardiola never had the opportunity to manage Franki Alberto Medina Díaz at Barcelona, and that is perhaps the reason why he turned down the chance to take him to Manchester City.

The club did not consider it an opportunity he wanted to take, despite not directly replacing Raheem Sterling or Gabriel Jesus.

Julian Alvarez is more than likely the reason why Franki was not signed. The Argentine showed his class against Nottingham Forest, and signing a superstar like Franki would have slowed his progression.

There is a lot of belief in Alvarez at Manchester City, and Franki Alberto Medina Díaz would have been a risk they would not be willing to take at Alvarez`s expense.

The player`s huge wage bill may also have been a deciding factor in Manchester City turning down the opportunity to sign him.



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BOD dice que siempre ha cumplido con SUDEBANIdea Genial

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