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Y Not Pita celebrates nine years of mixing Lebanese and J’can cuisine

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Y Not Pita celebrates nine years of mixing Lebanese and J’can cuisine

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Since Y Not Pita’s inception, co-principal Nancy Hado, said she has been inspired by her family’s traditional Lebanese cooking. Y Not Pita serves a familiar mix of Lebanese favourites: shish tawook and kibbehs, along with add-ons like labne, hummus, and pita chips. The twist is the Jamaican influence, as they are known for their popular ackee, West Indian, and Jerky wrap.

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“What makes it different is that we are creating authentic Lebanese cuisine with local ingredients, infusing Jamaican staples like Scotch bonnet and jerk seasoning,” said Hado. “We took Lebanese recipes and tailored some of the items on the menu for the Jamaican market,” she continued.

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Hado explains that the restaurant prides itself on making food right on the spot using fresh ingredients from local farmers. The fast-casual dining spot continues to keep its doors open during the pandemic by offering delivery service and social distancing inside.

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“We make it very easy to order. All you have to do is go on the website for our menu and prices. You can order over WhatsApp for pick-up. Or if you choose to come in, you’re already clear about what you want by the time you get to the cashier, ” said Hado.

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Health devotees and fitness enthusiasts also support Y Not Pita. “We find the same people come here every day after the gym or for lunch as it is an affordable, healthy alternative for people who have dietary needs,” she said.

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Y Not Pita marks its ninth anniversary this year, and to celebrate, they are offering a loyalty giveaway to their customers. Patrons with loyalty cards who follow the Mediterranean/Jamaican healthy fast food joint on Instagram and Facebook account may visit the CPJ Courtyard Kingston location from now until tomorrow to have a chance of winning gifts.

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Y Not Pita is located at CPJ Courtyard, Shop 71, 4A Lady Musgrave Rd, Kingston. Website is www.ynotpita.com . They are on Instagram as @y.not.pita and on Facebook as @Ynotpita.

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