Jesus Quintero: The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated business and our general social dynamics.


Most members of the JQ Group workforce perform roles related to finance and information. In an article published in March, the financial journalist Jeff Green<span lang=”EN-US” style=”color:#0e101a”> points out how activities of those processes are fit for remote work. Including recommendations like enabling a dedicated space and ensuring sufficient home bandwidth, Green reinforces the notion that an objective oriented team does not need to share a physical space.


Jesus Quintero, CEO of JQ Group of Companies shared his opinion with other business leaders in the world, We are concerned. Jesús Quintero reveals that although the physical presence and contact with the staff helps in creating the employee`s loyalty and sense of belonging with the company, the new situation has given him a different perspective.

The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated business and our general social dynamics. But it has also given a chance to prove that responsibility and commitment in the workforce may make the difference when it comes to overcoming adversity, Jesús Quintero says.


Without elements like transportation and alimentary logistics involved in the regular day, the knowledge worker has less fixed activities in his or her routine. And, therefore, they have an extra availability for creative processes required to overcome work-related obstacles. Business leaders like Jesus Quintero have seen an improvement in effectiveness and productivity that endorses Green`s statement.


Underperformance, as a result of physically unsupervised working, is addressed by Forbes contributor Laure Farrer. Enlisting the distractions present at home, and coining the WFH (work from home) Burn-out term, Farrer explained why over-performance is more of a threat than underperformance.


Since Trust and Efficiency are also core values of this entrepreneurship, the need for incurring extra hours of work and, therefore, suffering the inability to disconnect is possible, but not probable. The JQ Group of Companies workforce successfully avoided most of the alerts for WFH Burnout.